Brian Robertson BSc (Hons), MSc, CRadP, FSRP

Radiation Protection Adviser & Radioactive Waste Adviser.

Brian Robertson RPadviser is a sole trader.

Based in South West England.

A chartered radiation professional (CRadP) and Fellow of the Society for Radiological Protection (FSRP). Experienced Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) and Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). Has been involved with radiation protection since 1995.

Relevant qualifications include: BSc (Hons), MSc, RPA2000 RPA and RWA certificates of competence, certificates of professional development in radiation protection, certificate in environmental management, NEBOSH general certificate, PHE laser safety management certificate.

Was a member of the AURPO technical committee working on national guidance and a member of the SRP security and emergency preparedness committee.

Experience includes radon (advice, monitoring and mitigation), EPR Permit application, compliance assessment, BAT assessment, HASS and other source disposal, dosimetry, legacy issue investigation, contamination survey, dose-rate survey, emergency exercise umpiring, decommissioning, facility shield design, EURATOM accounting, source leak testing and record keeping, radioactive waste management, shield integrity testing, site security plans, risk assessment, incident investigation and decontamination, dose investigation, production of guidance, management of radiation protection systems and staff, training / presentations, inspection and audit, coordinating regulator visits, radiation safety committees.

Clients have included research institutes, universities, veterinary practices, jewellers, TV companies, local councils, waste recycling operators, art schools, 6th form colleges, museums, aerospace parts manufacturers and individuals affected by radon.

Current clients are based in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.